Health Coaching

The Dynamic Coaching Experience

The Dynamic Coaching Experience is based on your story. Each new journey is built upon an individualized foundation of history and how to keep it from repeating itself. Each of our coaches takes the time to understand a full background on any conditions and health issues that you've encountered in order to recognize patterns, manage priorities and create your program. Leadership, education and accountability from your coach, create an environment with trust, opportunity and change. Aside from custom programming, each program includes:

• Client centered care
• 24 hour coach access
• Custom menu planning
• Tailored workout plans
• Goal based supplement regimens
• Face Time or In-Office appointments (monthly or biweekly, 30-60 minutes)
• Body fat analysis and measurement tracking (In office visits only)
• Monthly goal setting
• Education (knowledge in supplementation and lifestyle adjustments to fit all goals)

We offer macro programs for fully built diet plans that speak any diet language whether you are keto to vegan etc. 

How to Get Started

Programs do vary based on goal and assigned coach. Price is based on these two factors. In order to ensure we fully understand your goals and apply the right program we give price during at the end of the consultation. 

  • Contact the Nutrition Dynamic Office to schedule your complementary phone consultation ; view our Contact Us page

  • If you submitted a inquiry form, our Director of Health Coaching will contact you to schedule your complementary phone session

  • At the end of your complimentary session with our Health Coaching Director, you will be matched with a Dynamic Coach for your program intake

  • After your phone call, please fill out our Intake Paperwork (below) and return before your Intake Session -Please allow 24 hours between returning your intake paperwork to your coach and the session

  • The Coach will work with our office to get any supplements together that were discussed and shipped out to you as soon as possible.

  • The program is now in your hands to execute to the best of your ability. Remember we are here for you, always reach out to your Coach and or the office with any question

Intake Forms to Download and Complete

Health Appraisal

Health History

Stress Assessment

Please return completed forms 24-hours prior to your intake to your coach or

How to Prepare for in-office BIA

- No Caffeine 12 hours prior
- No Alcohol 12 hours prior
- No Strenuous Workouts 24 hours prior
- 4 Hours Fasted Prior to Test (moderate water intake is acceptable during this time)

Your First Intake Session

- Please Plan for a 90-Minute Session
- During this time we will perform the BIA test, Measurements and Weight
- We will go over your Health History
- What life is like for you day to day
- What you have tried in the past
- Immediate and long term goals
- Form a tailor made plan to fit you and accomplish your goals
- Within 72-hours the Coach will send you a detailed plan 
- Within 72-hours the Coach will build out your online check-in system