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Gratitude. What do you do to keep gratitude apart of everyday of your life. A life without gratitude always ends in pain.

In my life chasing glory is a day in and day out affair. I live to accomplish things that I can’t see as possible. However on a day to day basis it can consume my thinking about all the things I haven’t accomplished, all the things I don’t have, the body parts that should be better, basically the man I don’t live up too, nor ever will. The man that always makes me feel “less then.”
The drive gets me up in the morning but it’s also what can draw me into depression and despair.
The thing that gives me life and also ruin it.
A life cannot be defined by one attribute but a sum of its parts. That’s why social media is liar. It only highlights the best of one attribute that’s being artificially propped up for display.
Just remember when you see something that makes you feel less then, that you have so many other qualities that whoever you see on facebook, instagram, tic tok, and twitter don’t have.

There is no one who is free of faults and deficits, so don’t worry if you don’t have what they have. This is where the practice of gratitude becomes imperative. If I don’t have a task a day that makes me evaluate where I came from, all the good things that I don’t deserve but have anyway, and the great things about me I begin to live a negative, resentful life. The fastest way to not succeed is to not practice gratitude daily.

The trick is you do it daily like a workout routine.
Maybe it’s daily prayer, gratitude list, volunteer work, something that makes my day filled with what I have and can make better then what I don’t have and hope to amount to one day.

For me i use the pain of the past. I have a few photos and writings I did when I was early 20s. I was living a crazy life and had a drug problem. I was old enough to be a man but really still a child pretending to be a man. I thought social acceptability meant success. Yet I was a mess, but I looked great on the outside just like people do today for the gram.
I look at the photos at that guy to today and gratitude sets in like a drug and turns perspective into something beautiful.

This only happens if I commit to this process daily. When I don’t the gift of perspective begins to fade. Working with the ill helps keep me grounded but I ask what about your life? How are you living? What are you doing to see all of the great things instead of where you don’t measure up?

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