Uva Ursi

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TonicSea Uva Ursi is an all-natural urinary health support tincture containing organic uva ursi (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) leaf.  Proper urinary tract function is crucial in adults, especially as we age into our later years and issues become more common.
Uva ursi, also known as bearberry (since bears like eating the fruit), has been used as a medicinal herb since the 2nd century for promoting urinary tract health, lung health, and GI health. Clinical research suggests that phytonutrients found in uva ursi can help support urinary tract health, gastrointestinal function, and removal of toxins from the body.
The urinary tract relies heavily upon the liver, kidneys, and bladder for proper removal of potential toxins from the body. Uva ursi contains several key compounds that help balance the pH of urine and promote urinary tract health. One such compound is arbutin - a glycosylated hydroquinone - which can help remove excessive water from cells, promoting and supporting effect on the kidneys. Furthermore, arbutin produces a healthy effect on the urinary mucous membrane during excretion and may therefore support a healthy urinary tract.
Uva ursi also contains tannic acid, a polyphenol that can support gastrointestinal function. Tannic acid can strengthen the lining of the urinary tract and help promote a healthy system.
TonicSea Uva Ursi is a great way to help you supplement with the powerful phytonutrients found in Uva ursi leaf and support organs involved in urinary health.