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  • THE ULTIMATE NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER - Purus Labs Noxygen provides a superior nitric oxide boost with a proprietary blend of NO3-T sodium nitrate & betaine nitrate to give you a skin-tearing pump you can feel and see!
  • MUSCLE PUMPS, PEAK PERFORMANCE, AND GROWTH - Whether you are a body builder training for strength and size or simply trying to take your fitness to the next level, NOXygen can help improve your endurance, enhance muscle pumps, and become stronger.
  • ENHANCE BLOOD FLOW - A nitric oxide boost can increase blood flow from the hearth to the rest of the body. NOXygen can help support a healthy heart and increase endurance and performance do to better circulation.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE - Our proprietary nitrate blend of NO3-T sodium nitrate & betaine nitrate shows a 6-10x increase in nitric oxide can be experienced when using according to The University of Memphis. No l-arginine or l-citrulline based product has ever come close to these levels!
  • MADE IN TEXAS - All of our products are manufactured and hand filled in the great state of Texas. To ensure quality we take the extra step of having our products tested by a third party lab and provide the lot number on the bottom of each of our bottles in the case of a recall or to be able to test that batch if there are any customer complaints. We strive to give our customers only the best and hold ourselves to the highest expectations.