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  • Turn training into gaining: ZMA 2000 is Beverly’s number-one pre-sleep formula with natural bodybuilders and athletes because it works. Some users say they wake up feeling twice as recovered after tough training sessions.
  • Here’s how it works: First, ZMA 2000 helps your nerves “unwind,” so when it’s time for bed, you’re ready.* Second, it increases REM (deep) sleep.* Third, it helps you stay asleep.
  • Not just for bodybuilders: Stress, kids, evening workouts, too much wine or coffee -any of a number of things can prevent you from having a deep, restorative sleep. Solution: ZMA 2000.
  • “The Dream Maker”: Most dreams, especially vivid ones, occur during REM sleep. Scientists say this is also when your brain does a lot of learning.
  • If you find yourself having more vivid dreams while using ZMA 2000, you know it’s working, which is good news for your brain’s health and performance.