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Beverly International Mass Amino Acid Tablets contain a proprietary blend of premium amino acids derived from casein, whey protein, lysine hydrochloride and milk protein hydrolysates that have an unbelievable total nitrogen rating of 49.6%, more than triple the industry average for comparable amino acid products. That’s because the amino acids in Beverly International Mass Amino Acid Tablets are derived from real, high-quality protein sources and are not artificially created in a laboratory. This ensures that your body is able to better utilize the amino acids to build lean muscle tissue, hasten workout recovery and reduce muscle soreness from intense training.

Mass Amino Acid Tablets are best taken pre/post workout and with meals to enhance the amino acid content of your diet. This provides extra aminos to your muscles to help them repair and grow much faster. Beverly International Mass Amino Acid Tablets were designed with the utmost dedicated bodybuilders in mind—those who need the absolute best nutrition and supplements to create the leanest and strongest physiques possible. If you’re looking for the best in amino acid supplementation, look no further than Beverly International.

Mass Amino Acid Tablets Description from Beverly International 
So what's the deal? Peak nitrogen retention, rapid tissue repair, less muscular soreness, production in the liver of somatomedin C, the anabolic growth factor that stimulates muscle growth, Sparing of muscle tissue protein, higher workout energy levels and a better pump, greater mental alertness.

We've had excellent results using Beverly International's Mass Amino Acid Tablets with drugfree bodybuilders looking for increased lean body mass and enhanced recovery from high intensity training. Mass has an Amino Nitrogen/Total Nitrogen rating of 49.6%, the highest we've found and more than triple the industry average. We recommend a minimum of one tablet per ten pounds of bodyweight. To maximize your body's nitrogen balance and retention take four tablets with each of four - five meals daily. Most of the champion athletes who visit the Beverly International Nutrition Center take Mass tablets along with Ultra 40 liver tablets year round for added lean mass gains.