Arima Xd

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VMI Sports Arima-XD is the ultimate in anti aromatase – which is perfect for on or off cycle support. This is the ultimate estrogen inhibitor and will block the negative estrogen increasing side effects of a lot of anabolic’s and natural test boosting supplements. 

Athletes and bodybuilders take VMI Sports Arima-XD for maximum strength anti-aromatase and cortisol blocking. Estrogen and cortisol are the 2 things that will destroy your gains and hard work in the gym – and many experienced lifters going “off a cycle” can experience a ton of negative side effects such as low energy, fat gains, increased breast tissue, and even erectile dysfunction. 

With VMI Sports Arima-XD you can be sure that you are lowing your estrogen and cortisol levels both on and off cycles. 

This is the strongest combination of clinically studied anti-estrogen ingredients on the market – and should be used to increase your libido lower cortisol, and block estrogen at the source!