Elevate MD Medical Coaching Policies

Elevate MD provides a range of services to ensure the best outcomes for Nutrition Dynamic members.  Below lists inclusions and exclusions from the program. 

Included services:                                                                                Excluded Services:


Sex Hormone Consultations                                                               Primary Care Visits


Basic OBGYN Consultations                                                                Emergency Care Visits


Thyroid Consultations                                                                          Oncology Care  


SIBO or Gut Consultations                                                                   Rheumatology Care


Weight Loss Consultations                                                                  Psychiatry Care

                                                                                                                *We will not prescribe SSRI’s


Peptide Consultations                                                                          Pain management Care


Fertility Consultations                                                                          Addiction Services 


Cardiac Consultations                                                                          Pediatric Care

*We do not replace your cardiologist


*Elevate MD will refer out if the case requires a specialist in a certain field of care. Any subsequent fees by the referral are not covered in this program. 



Consultations Vs. Services Policy

Virtual nurse practitioner visits are complimentary but does not include all services provided post visit.  







Sex Hormone Services 

Cost of Compounded Hormones Only 


Prescription for medication 

$100  (for any amount of prescriptions in 1 visit) 


Compounded Products

 (that do not require a prescription)

Cost of Compound Only 

I.E.(glutathione, b12, Oxytocin, Cialis, Peptides, etc) 


Lab Orders 

Cost of Lab passed through to Client (cost may vary)



Office Communication Policy

Elevate MD provides annual consultations.  All follow up questions should be directed to the front desk by email to Nd@elevatemd.com. You and your coach should be holding you accountable to staying on track as Elevate is not responsible for coaching program outcomes.  

If you feel you need an adjustment to your doses or another service please email above but do not change your dosing yourself.  It must be approved by the office before changes can be made. 

Your coach is encouraged to keep us up to date and include us in any follow up correspondence when a follow up consult is necessary.