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If you want to master functional nutrition you’ve come to the right place! 

Vince is the original pioneer of functional nutrition.  He had a vision to combine the science of functional medicine with the program structure, fitness training, and weight loss nutrition, to make the first Hybrid Coach. 

His 15 years of working with physicians across the country to develop systems that anyone can learn to take charge of their health practice or for the normal person, become their own health advocate and take their health back. 

Vince is committed to changing the coaching and medical industry through education. 

Learn the secrets to gut health, hormone balance, fertility, pain management, metabolism repair, acne relief, anxiety and depression support, chronic disease management of almost any condition, and so much more. 

The Metabolic Mentor program is dedicated to education no matter who you are.  If you haven’t seen education from Vince please check out our free education page (quick link to education here) or Nutrition Dynamic you tube or @nutrition_dyanmic and @vince_pitstick on Instagram 

For the Practitioner we’ve got you advanced program trainings, protocols, and therapy research 

For the normal person who just wants to get well we’ve got you to with simple education videos, research, simple protocols from home and much more! 

Two ways to get involved!  

Mentor VIP Program (Private Education Subscription)  (12.99 p/month) 

                                                                                                  (99 p/yr)   A 57 dollar savings 

You Receive: 

2 video research reviews a week with the research documents provided for you to use.

2 monthly training videos on hot topics in nutrition, fitness, and functional medicine

Private seminar and zoom class recording not shown anywhere else 

Special Discounts on private zoom trainings 

Special Discount offers on labs and supplements only for Mentor VIP members! 

Private Zoom Classes!   (499 per class)  Dates will vary 

You Receive:

Class room style training with Vince LIVE! 

Presentations and protocol materials 

Discounts of labs and supplements for all attendees 

Case study review