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I was introduced to this amazing healing modality a few years back during a hypnotherapy session that absolutely changed my life, and now I teach this “secret weapon” to all of my health coaching clients. That secret is EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly referred to as “tapping”. It is a simple somatic technique that has the power to instantly calm your body and mind in a matter of minutes. It works by tapping with your fingers on specific meridian points on the face, hands, and body used in Eastern medicine, similar to acupuncture.

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In Period Health 101, we discussed the basics of why your period is so important to your health, along with what phases happen throughout the month. In this blog, we're discussing Phase 1, the Follicular Phase.

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With so much conflicting nutrition information out there, juicing has become a bit of a controversial topic.  Some have grown scared of juice or dubbed it as “bad” because of the sugar content while others claim juicing is the cure to almost anything.  

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After college, I ran a meal prep company out of my kitchen for about a year and quickly became a grocery store guru. Even when buying food for 50+ meals per week, I was able to get in and out of the store in under 45 minutes. I have all the tips and tricks to make your grocery buying high quality, cost efficient, and not a total time sucker!

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COVID-19 really shook our world upside down, huh?

This past year + between being in lockdown, a civil rights movement, individuals losing their jobs, financial hardship, relationship hardship, etc., has really wreaked havoc on our lives and has certainly caused a lot of stress (as if we really needed more, right?!)

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