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When you are faced with any type of health issue, the first thing most people typically do is search Dr. Google for the latest tips, tricks, and bio-hacks that promise results fast. Oftentimes, we forget that the basics are much more important than any “gimmick” out there on the web. These are simple concepts that will actually provide the solid foundation we need -- upon which we can then build our healthy life. Here are 9 practical tips to get you started on your healing journey:

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Most competitive females will do whatever it takes to sculpt and build their dream body. This includes extreme dieting, training, cardio sessions, stimulants and additional performance enhancements.

There are many tools in the toolbox. But when it comes down to the final product, when you get that “summer leanness” or “stage leanness”, how do you help the hormones rebalance and return to homeostasis?

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Just like blood pressure, resting heart rate, glucose are vital signs…. so is your PERIOD! Using your menstrual cycle provides a powerful tool to assess your health. 

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Let’s chat about constipation. It’s a surefire ingredient to unhappiness. When I started my career as a dietitian, I was working in a hospital setting. If my patients were crabby, it was usually because they were constipated. No doubt you will feel irritable, bloated, and gassy if a good poop eludes you. 

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Did you know that over-exposure to stress accounts for 90 PERCENT of all primary care visits in the U.S? And almost ALL illness is stress related?!

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