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Have you lost your cycle?

SHA. Secondary Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is an extremely common condition in women between the ages of 24-35. Over 7% (almost 1 in 10) will experience at least a 6 month loss of their cycle. Over 35, at least 4% will lose their cycle at some point. 

The reasons can very greatly from early signs of pcos, over training, under eating, low progesterone, high cortisol, lack of fat in diet, overworking, prolonged high stress for over 6 months, and many more.  The trick is setting up a program that addresses every potential reason so the changes of success stay high. Many women can try for years to get it back and never do without intervention. The problem is pharmaceutical interventions can create massive weight gain, acne, and many other potential secondary conditions.  


Naturally may take longer, you give the body everything it needs and the lifestyle to support it and almost always we get it to come back. When the body does it on its own it’s much more likely to stay long term.  Now not everyone should have a cycle so it’s important to speak with an expert  Coach/Dietitian on our team or a functional health practitioner.  Some women could have sever conveniences from turning the cycle back on so the pros and cons should be discussed.  Abbie is a goal driven fitness entrepreneur. The stress of school, running a business, managing clients, and chasing an abundant life stressed her body over time. Leaving her with severe bacterial infection of gut and hormone imbalance that creates the Amenorrhea.  The problem is you can’t calorically restrict and over train your way out of the problem. In fact it’s the exact opposite. However how do you cut most activity, increase carbs and cals dramatically and not gain lots of weight and maybe even lose weight. Like in Abbie’s case she lost a few and gut issues are getting better. During the process she learned to manage stress better, stop saying yes to everything, and really change what her day to day life looks back. Low and behold 2 months later we’re back!  

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