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Fat soluble vitamins are present in fatty foods and like their name suggests, they dissolve in fats and are stored in body tissues for use when needed. Here’s what you need to know about Vitamins A, D, E and K!

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You know the saying, if I had a million dollars? Well if I had a million dollars for every time someone questioned why I recommend certain supplement brands, I’d be a millionaire. The answer is simple. I want my clients using high-quality products that I know will get results. At Nutrition Dynamic, we do not recommend supplements that we haven’t vetted and 100% trust. Clients should know that their products are safe, they work, and are worth the cost.

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I’m already a big fan of anything that involves a fur baby, but I’m a HUGE fan of dog walking! (I mean… the fact I’m writing a blog about dogs means you can probably guess the kind of dog mom I am.)

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