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Madisen has been such a champion in fully trusting the process. After healing her high stress and gut issues, she's been feeling better than ever and has also lost weight during the process! Madisen faces high stress at work every day as a nurse, and has suffered from a number of gut issues. She's made huge strides in making healthy lifestyle changes according to her custom program, and we couldn't be more proud! 

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If you have Lyme Disease, we want you to know that there is hope

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It’s been a long journey with a happy ending. Bri gets to slip into a wedding dress in just a few days, free of her old life filled with symptoms that could fill out an entire page!

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The number of young women diagnosed with this terrible disease grows every year. Many are given very little information about the condition with very few guidelines on how to live healthy with the condition. Most women are told to go on birth control and don’t eat sugar - but that’s incredibly damaging because it isn't the best option for most women, and we believe everyone needs an individualized approach.

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Keep your head down and move forward till “someday” becomes “today”!

Congrats Dan Wingate! Dropped his blood pressure meds in half, no more fatigue, and the aesthetic results are phenomenal. All this work in about 3 months!

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