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Braunson Bates NPC West Virginia Championships!  Believe it or not this is his first show.

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What happens when you combine high stress hormone, constant over training, high or low amounts of fake sugars, chronic dieting or a caloric deficit for long periods of time with binging or no post comp refeed.  Add pain reliever use and antibiotics from time to time and you’ve got the perfect environment for SIBO or a phenomena they call “commensal bacterial overgrowth.” @hailsyeaa probably goes harder then any bikini competitor I’ve seen.  Her goal driven mentality is her best asset and her worst enemy.  Training 2 a days and or lots of cardio for years at a time.  This cortisol...

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t’s been a long journey with a happy ending. @bri_mabry3 gets to slip into a wedding dress in just a few days free of an old life filled with symptoms that could run out a full page.   She came to me in the middle of a prep for a show and her metabolism had stopped working.  Hours of cardio and little to no food.  We were able to finish the show and then begin a recovery program to heal her body.  We utilized the 5r program developed by Dr. Jeffery Bland.  Over many months we battle both bad bacteria and...

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