Stress Transformation

Stress Transformation

Shoutout to @bimmer_girls ⁣

The stressor (the noun) like an argument with a family member is not the same as the amount of stress your body experiences because of it. ⁣

Meaning that the “number of stressors,” and the “amount of stress,” you actually experience are different. ⁣

Take a glass of spilled milk. One person sees it, cleans it up, and calmly moves on.  Then next goes into a bit of anger spree. ⁣

So the amount of “stress hormone,” release is not equal to the number of stressors.⁣

Women moving out of your 20s and 30s will find that stress once made their body small now makes it swollen and fat. ⁣

The problem is the lifestyle that got you through your 20s and 30s is now apart of your day to day life and hard to change.  One can not simply, “not have stress.” ⁣

You have modified your lifestyle to reduce stressors, work hard on your stress coping skills, and have a functional nutrition program that can hold you accountable and also fix the hormonal imbalances the earlier lifestyle caused.⁣

Tiffany is a perfect example stress activity was always her go-to. When she got stressed she didn’t eat and she got very busy, which really made her body stress more.  She would workout to train stress away, and without enough food is even more stress. ⁣

To really unload stress you have to work through stress and not work around it with just doing more! ⁣

Tiffany’s transformation is because she actually eats more, works out less, focuses on stress management more, and takes it one day at a time. That’s the key. Great work Tiffany!