Meet PCOS warrior Aubrey Price

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Meet PCOS warrior Aubrey Price

The number of young women diagnosed with this terrible disease grows every year.  Many are given very little information about the condition.  Very little guidelines on how to live healthy with the condition.  

Most are told to go on birth control and don’t eat sugar but that’s so basic and not the best option for most.  

If you catch pcos early enough usually staying off birth control is a good option.  Most pcos is driven my androsterone and not testosterone.  

Androgens rose due to stress (emotional,physical, or functional) so when you over diet and over train you will raise andogens and make he condition much worse.  

Almost all PCOS who restrict carbs will end up on heavy blood sugar medications due to rising androgens and subsequent rising sugars.  

Aubrey is someone young girls should look up to.  Trying to change diet, physical activity, and how she manages stress while growing up and trying to live life and learn who she is along the way can be the hardest thing for anyone to do.  She’s not just doing it, she’s killing it. 

 Aubrey’s pcos is very aggressive. So we have kept in some metformin and spironolactone but with lifestyle changes and functional nutrition programing her condition is diminishing.  Not just weight, I mean the condition itself.  If you attack pcos the weight will come after.  If you attack weight only the condition will get worse. That’s the trick.  Aubrey has accepted the challenge and staying patient as the results are slow and steady but her life is so much better no because of it.  These are the stories I live for a why I’m hear on this earth.  For clients like Aubrey.