Tamesha Calloway

temeshaTime to start the New Year with a featured Nutrition Dynamic Success Story and Competitor Tamesha Calloway.

I met Tamesha half way into her transformation. She, like so many woke up one day and realized she didn’t want to live this way anymore. Tamesha starting going to the gym, she made some great strides early but then her progress began to halt and left her wondering what to do next.

Utilizing Nutrition Dynamic specific food plans with corresponding work outs and targeted supplementation, her body kicked in high gear and her progress hasn’t stopped!
She has lost literally half of her body mass in less than a year.

Her commitment to a different lifestyle that we have merged over time and unwavering dedication has been honor to watch. Keep it up Tamesha…..from unhealthy to competition ready is right around the corner!

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