Kim Bilbrey

kimNutrition Dynamic success story, Kim. Kim is a very success marketing specialist. Like most successful people Kim’s body began to change and she no longer could just “lose,” the weight. She struggled with many different diet ideas and programs with no success. She began to give up, thinking she would always be over weight and her health would continue to decline. Kim came to me as a kind of last ditch effort. Through some metabolic testing we found she was suffering from a condition that is new to medical terminology called metabolic damage. Kim’s metabolic glands were no long responding to her diet and lifestyle. By balancing this system first, detoxing the body and healing her stress glands her body began to change dramatically. She has lost over 20 lbs in 3 months. Kim will tell you that more than the weight she feels and looks better than ever and has found a new way to live. I’m proud of you Kim. What a success you are!

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