bobbiNutrition Dynamic Success Story, Bobbi.

Bobbi was a 15 year old kid when I first met him. At age 13 Bobbi had begun to have pains in his stomach. It got the point that he missed a lot of school and saw lots of doctors that couldn’t find the cause. His family had spent over 20,000, much out of pocket in tests and docs yet no solution. The doctors told them pain wasn’t real and no problem was there and he needed a counselor, the school removed him stating that he missed to much class with no real problem. Bobbi was cut off from friends and being taken out of band and would miss his Washington, D.C. Trip he wanted so badly. He started to exhibit signs of depression. And his parents didn’t know what to do. Bobbi worked with me for 6 months total. We cleaned out GMO foods, gave him nutritional and lifestyle therapy with integrative testing for food sensitives and today Bobbi has no pain, got caught up with home school, depression went away, we got him back in school with integrated diet plans he could take with him to school, and I got him back in time to make his Washington, D.C. Trip. Mission hope accomplished. The families life is restored. That’s the power of natural medicine!